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Freescale distributor


Freescale is a leading global semiconductor company focused on providing embedded processing and connectivity products to large, high-growth markets. We currently focus on providing products to the automotive, networking and wireless communications industries.

According to industry data, in 2003 we held numerous leading market positions in the supply of semiconductor products to these industries.

* According to general industry data, we were the global market share leader for semiconductors for automotive applications and had the second largest global market share for microcontrollers and embedded microprocessors.
* According to International Data Corporation (IDC), we were the global market share leader for communications processors. In addition, according to ABI Research, we were the global market share leader in radio frequency power products for the cellular base station market.
* According to general industry data, we had the fourth position overall for wireless communications application-specific standard products and we had the fourth largest global market share for digital baseband semiconductors for cellular handsets.

A common attribute of our success in each of these target industries is our ability to offer families of embedded processors. In their simplest forms, embedded processors provide the basic intelligence for electronic devices and can be programmed to address specific applications or functions. Examples of our embedded processors include microcontrollers, digital signal processors and communications processors.

In addition to our embedded processors, we offer our customers a broad portfolio of complementary devices that provide connectivity between products, across networks and to real-world signals, such as sound, vibration and pressure. Our complementary products include sensors, radio frequency semiconductors, power management and other analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. Through our embedded processors and complementary products we are able to offer customers complex combinations of semiconductors and software, which we refer to as "platform-level products."

Since we began our operations in 1953 as the semiconductor products sector of Motorola, Inc., we have been an innovator and pioneer in the global semiconductor industry. We are responsible for a number of significant innovations that have had a meaningful impact on the industry. For example, we have developed key product categories, such as communications processors, microcontrollers, solid state acceleration sensors and cellular semiconductors and modules.

We have also been a leader in the development of process technology, pioneering the use of 200 millimeter silicon wafers, copper interconnect, silicon-on-insulator and silicon germanium carbon to create higher-performance, lower-cost products for our customers. In addition, we have been a pioneer in advanced device packaging and invented the ball-grid array packaging technology which is utilized extensively throughout the industry. We continue our commitment to innovation by dedicating significant resources to research and development in the areas of product design, platform-level design and process technology.

Our global customer base is comprised of over 10,000 end customers, including over 100 leading original equipment manufacturers that we serve through our direct sales force, as well as several thousand other end customers that we reach through a network of distributors. Approximately 22,000 full-time employees in over 30 countries service and support these customers.

This summary highlights information contained in the prospectus. Because it is a summary, it does not contain all the information you should consider before investing in our Class A common stock. You should carefully read the entire prospectus.

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is located at 6501 William Cannon Drive West, Austin, Texas 78735.

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