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Semiconductors manufacturers

M/A-COM distributor


Our Guts: As a world-leading developer and manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) and microwave semiconductors, components and IP networks solutions, we make the guts-so to speak-for wireless telecommunications solutions. Our strengths are high-volume gallium arsenide (GaAs) and silicon (Si) semiconductor fabrication, device and component manufacturing. And because we invest heavily in R&D, we've built a global track record in early adoption and innovation with leading-edge wireless technologies.

Your Glory: Our mission is to contribute to your success. Whether you're building products for the wireless telecommunications, aerospace, defense, or automotive markets, the success of your solution depends on the quality and reliability of what goes into it. And because we are expert technology integrators, we can often help you lower costs-without compromising quality. Go ahead, turn our guts into your glory.

Who we are

Long recognized as a pioneer in microwave and radio frequency (RF) technology, M/A-COM has established itself as an industry leading developer and high-volume manufacturer of RF, microwave and millimeter wave semiconductors, components and technologies. Holding hundreds of patents in the field, M/A-COM has become known as expert technology innovators and integrators. Some of the major markets M/A-COM currently serves are wireless telecommunications, aerospace & defense and automotive.

M/A-COM also has full vertical integration capability. Truly unique to the industry, M/A-COM is able to produce and process semiconductor materials, to design and manufacture devices, combine these devices into single- and multi-function components, to manufacture integrated subassemblies using these components and devices and then to combine the integrated subassemblies into complete systems driven by in-house developed software. Thus, M/A-COM can offer customers low-cost, high-volume solutions tailored to their needs at any step of the process. M/A-COM also maintains greater control of each step of the manufacturing process required to produce reliable and repeatable products. Most of all, M/A-COM's vertical integration capability gives customers the confidence that M/A-COM understands all steps of the production process, how to control them and how to anticipate problems.

As innovators, M/A-COM has taken their wireless expertise and broadened it to include new markets for the company, and with great success. For instance, M/A-COM develops, manufactures and supplies technologically advanced two-way land mobile radio products, networks and services to the public safety, utility, industrial, business and government markets. M/A-COM is a pioneer in the development of IP-based (Internet protocol) networks for private radio applications. They are the suppliers of such industry leading brands as EDACS, OpenSky and ProVoice, and have network installations in facilities, states, counties and municipalities across the United States and in various locations throughout the world.

Where we're from

Microwave Associates began life in the summer of 1950 in a small rented space in Boston, Massachusetts by providing magnetrons to the U.S. Army Signal Corps. In the years to follow, the company firmly established itself as a technological powerhouse by continued significant investment in research and development (R&D). This commitment to R&D is a tenet that still stands with the company today. The proof, of course, is in the industry-leading reputation that M/A-COM continues to enjoy.

In 1978 Microwave Associates legally changed its name to M/A-COM, Inc. to reflect its involvement in the growing communications market. Today, M/A-COM continues to expand into new areas. Still a major player in aerospace and defense-related industries, M/A-COM also has brought their expertise to the wireless telecommunications, automotive and private land-mobile radio markets.

Over the years, M/A-COM has acquired industry leading companies such as Adams-Russell, Anzac, RHG and SDI. Today, many of their products are still available from M/A-COM along with many replacement parts for those that have been discontinued. In addition, M/A-COM supports product lines previously manufactured by Motorola (MRF Transistors), Stellex Microwave Systems (RF and microwave components - previously WJ and Phoenix Microwave) and ITT GaAsTEK (MMICs).

Today, M/A-COM is part of the growing family of Tyco International companies, and is a unit of Tyco Electronics, the largest business unit of Tyco International. M/A-COM has manufacturing facilities, design centers and sales offices throughout the globe. And as always, M/A-COM is pushing technical boundaries and establishing new ground in the markets that we serve.

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