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Semiconductors manufacturers

Singatron Enterprises distributor

Singatron Enterprises

Singatron Ent. Co., Ltd. (USA)

Began operations in 1990 with the goal of supplying cost effective interconnect products of the highest quality in the industry. Most product manufacturing takes place in Taiwan and China.

Sales Network

Our sales network includes independent sales representatives and distributors covering all U.S. States , Canada and Asia. All our representatives and distributors are trained professionals offering on location support for your interconnection applications and other value added services.


Complete line of electronic connectors, adapters & cables assembly including DC Power Jacks, RCA Jacks, Audio & Video Jacks, Board to Board Interconnect Connectors, Switches, Modular Jacks & Custom Products/Connectors and mating cable assemblies, etc. We offer a wide range of industry standard, as well as new technology products.

Key Technologies

Full manufacturing capability for interconnects and cables assemblies including molding, stamping, plating and assembly processes. Singatron specializes in designing tooling and molds with only the finest quality materials. Cost effective mass production techniques Proven document control and quality control systems. ISO 9002 certified, Fast turn custom design and manufacturing. Total engineering support from factory level to sales offices. (worldwide). Patents held for many connector technologies (Mini-din, power jacks.)

Singatron's commitment

to you, our customer is thorough satisfaction. We achieve this through quality, dedicated service, just in time delivery and the best price you will find. We offer our dedication to your satisfaction as an essential component to your success.

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