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Triad Magnetics distributor

Triad Magnetics

With more than 500 transformer manufacturers in the world, we realize you have a choice. Why choose Triad Magnetics? Having served the needs of our industry for more than half a century, we believe our experience makes the difference. And if there is one point our experience has taught us, it is that we must remain flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the market.

Over 1,000 part numbers means you will probably find the component you need in our standard product line. But if not, the creative thinkers of Triad Magnetics can offer powerful custom solutions. Whether it's Switchmode/High Frequency, Wall Plug-In, Power Transformers, Inductors or Audio Transformers, each product is backed up by the industry's most resourceful and organized magnetic supplier organization.

Triad Magnetics's pioneering design process promotes innovation. There are thousands of Triad Magnetics designs providing application solutions throughout the world, from data processing to telecommunications to power conversion. Our engineers are experienced in all packaging styles, even paper encapsulated units. Each engineer has direct ownership and manages projects from initial concept through production.

Advanced cellular production techniques provide the shortest cycle times in the business, and minimize material handling. The industry's most comprehensive array of production tools include automated fly winding and stick winding processes for bobbin and paper type construction. State-of-the-art welding and impregnation facilities add speed and flexibility.

Producing products for long-run reliability requires a higher level of personal commitment. For example, each manufacturing team is empowered with the responsibility for quality and reliability through a highly-evolved system of critical self-inspection. The Triad Magnetics system of in-process inspection, pre-ship audits, and failure analysis has allowed many of our customers to eliminate their incoming inspection process, while our continuous improvement protocol provides the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

Triad Magnetics operates manufacturing facilities in the United States and in Mexico. Our Corona, California stocking center can provide just-in-time delivery of your components.

Outstanding customer service extends our commitment right to your door. From the initial application design process through production and in-plant implementation, Triad Magnetics engineers consult at every step. Our customer service department is ready with instant answers concerning the status of your order. The Triad Magnetics "can-do" shipping crew assures accurate and on-time delivery. Every employee is trained to provide superior customer servicethe Triad Magnetics way.

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