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WICKMANN distributor


WICKMANN−Werke was founded in 1918 in Dortmund, Germany. Since 1971, the company WICKMANN has been owned by Heinrich Industrie− und Handels AG whose majority of stock is held by the Werhahn Group, Neuss, Germany. Today, the WICKMANN Group is headquartered is in Witten, close to where it was founded over 80 years ago. The ISO 9001 Certified parent company WICKMANN−Werke is the largest entity and provides sales, marketing, R&D and manufacturing.

WICKMANN is a leading manufacturer of circuit protection components for applications in consumer electronics, industrial electronics, telecommunications and data processing. WICKMANN has been engineering circuit protection solutions to set quality and performance standards for over 80 years. Advancing innovation in fusing technology to contribute to our customer's success has always been our objective.

Confidently, we point to innovative developments such as 5x20mm replaceable cartridge fuses developed by WICKMANN in the 1930's. Even today, the 5x20mm design is still a worldwide standard and the preferred choice of protector in many consumer electronics applications. Our broad family of shocksafe fuseholders, fuse blocks and clips complete this line.

Throughout the 1960's and 1970's, miniaturization of electronic devices generated the axial leaded Picofuse and radial leaded Microfuse (TR3). Innovation continued with the introduction of the popular space-saving TR5 and TE5 fuse styles in the 1980's. With an auto-insertion friendly packaging option, their ability to withstand wave soldering and board washing processes, the installed costs of TE5 and TE5 fuses are lower than equivalent cartridge fuses. WICKMANN is the only fuse manufacturer that can offer these fuses in accordance with the UL/CSA and IEC standard. Two Telecom Protectors (TTCP & TIP) for tip/ring line protection complete this line.

The miniaturization of electronics is a steadily advancing process. The increasingly smaller size of devices requires the development of smaller sized component groups. Typically these devices are equipped with surface mount components. In order to fulfill these requirements, WICKMANN offers the most recently developed line of SM fuses. The latest line of SM Chip Fuses employs reliable metal film technology and is internationally standardized. The SM Telecom Protectors SM Telecom Protectors for tip/ring line protection (per UL 601950, 3rd Edition and Telcordia) completes this line.

Each development was a totally new engineering concept when first introduced. Even today, with 80 years of experience, we still seek product innovation in terms of the positive impact it can make on our customer's business endeavors.

WICKMANN observes international standards and certifications in order to serve its prestigious worldwide clientele. All of our production locations are ISO 9000 Certified. In response to customer requests, WICKMANN offers all safety agency approvals including VDE, SEMKO, BSI, UL, CSA and METI.

To meet the global service requirements of our customers, WICKMANN has located manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and the Far East. Additional technical and commercial support is provided through a network of distributors throughout North America. Click to see WICKMANNs worldwide distribution and sales network.

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