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Weller distributor


Cooper Hand Tools is a manufacturer and marketer of premium quality hand tool, chain, and specialty products for the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Cooper Hand Tools brands and products are recognized worldwide, and include many market leaders, such as Campbell« chain, Crescent« brand adjustable wrenches, Nicholson« files, Weller« soldering products, and Wiss« snips.


Campbell« - Chains, clamps, blocks, and fittings.
Caulkmaster« - Air Powered Dispensing Guns.
Crescent« - Wrenches, pliers, drivers, and multi-purpose tools.
Diamond« - Horseshoes and Farrier Tools
Erem« - Precision pliers, cutters, and tweezers.
Kahnetics« - Automated and manual dispensing systems.
Lufkin« - Tapes, rules and layout/marking products.
Nicholson« -Files, rasps, saws, and rotary burs.
Plumb« - Hammers, axes, and chisels.
H.K. Porter« - Bolt, cable and strap cutters.
Weller« - Soldering and desoldering tools.
Wire-wrap« - Solderless connection equipment.
Wiss« - Scissors, snips, and cutters.
Xcelite« - Drivers, pliers, cutters, kits, and sets.

Cooper Hand Tools is a division of Cooper Industries, LLC., a worldwide manufacturing company with 2001 revenues of $4.2 billion. Cooper Industries has two business segments: Electrical Products and Tools & Hardware. Its electrical products distribute and control electricity, provide circuit protection, illuminate facilities, support electronic and telecommunications components, and offer fire and security detection. Cooper Industriesĺ Tools & Hardware divisions also make a wide variety of power tools, hand tools, and accessories.

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